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When searching for information on Google, you will often find search results with a unique appearance. For example, when looking for a review, the results displayed are usually in the form of a star rating. When looking for a facial whitening cream, the results that appear are the product you are looking for along with the price and marketplace.

Such views are called rich snippets . The search view does not appear carelessly. Google does not choose content randomly and displays it in a different format. Instead, there is code that is inserted so that Google can display the content in such a way.

This means that the content you create can also be viewed in the form of rich snippets! How to install rich snippets and use them? Everything is in this article. We will explain in full what a snippet is, what are the advantages of displaying content in a snippet, and how to install a rich snippet.

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What is Schema & Rich Snippets?

Schema markup is code that can be added to a WordPress-based website. Schema serves to tell the form of content that you create on Google or other search engines. That way, Google can adjust the appearance of the content to make it interesting. That view is then called a rich snippet.

Rich snippets allow your content to stand out in search results. In review content, for example, search engines will show a star rating. Views like this are certainly more attractive to internet users. Especially when compared to the appearance of search results in general.

In addition to reviews, installing a schema can display content forms such as the recipe above. Not only star ratings are displayed. In addition, there is also information on how long it takes to make food and its calorie content.

If the content you create has nothing to do with reviews or recipes, don’t be disappointed. There are various forms of schema that can be used to display your content to make it more attractive.

Of the many kinds of schema, here are some that are often used:

  • Books, films, music and other creative works;
  • Audio, video and images;
  • Program;
  • Information about health;
  • Figure;
  • A place, shop, or restaurant;
  • Products and promotions;
  • Tutorials.

If you often do searches on the internet, surely you are familiar with the rich snippets that appear from the schema above.

After knowing what the schema and rich snippets are, we will discuss the advantages of adding schemas to your content.

Advantages of Installing Schema & Rich Snippets

Schema or schema.org is a collaborative project between Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Yandex and other internet communities. Quoted from the official Schema website, this project seeks to create, maintain, and promote the use of schemas for more structured data.

If it was explained in easier language, it would be something like this. Imagine the amount of data scattered on the internet. One and the other certainly can’t be displayed in the same way, right?

Well, schema is used to distinguish a group of data from other data. The trick is to show the most important and relevant information in the search results section.

For example, if you are looking for information about hosting reviews, the most important information displayed is the star rating. Likewise when you are looking for ways to treat a broken heart. So, the search results will display the order of how to treat it.

If you remember that schema is the method recommended by internet giants Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo then there is no need for any other reason to join in implementing it, right?

However, to be sure, there are some surveys that you need to know about using schema and rich snippets.

A survey showed that displaying snippets in the form of quick answers increased organic traffic by 516 percent in four months.

The same survey also showed that click through rate (CTR) increased from two percent to eight percent. In other words, rich snippets are successful in getting people to click on specific links instead of just viewing them. For the agency, this is good news. Because it means, the audience responds positively to the ad campaign that is run.

The survey results that are no less surprising come from the income side of organic visitors. Rich snippets managed to increase transactions from organic visitors more than six times or to be precise, 677 percent. Amazing, right?

Now that you know what a schema is and why you need to use it, we’ll move on to how to add a schema.

How to Install Rich Snippets in WordPress

There are many ways to install rich snippets. A wide selection of plugins such as Schema , Markup (JSON-LD) structured in schema.org , WP SEO Structured Data Schema , and WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup are available both free and paid.

However, for this tutorial we will be using the All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin . This plugin has the most active installations compared to the previously mentioned plugins. Noted, there are more than 90,000 users who use this plugin.

Apart from installing and configuring plugins, we’ll also tell you some tips for getting the most out of schema and rich snippets on your website. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

Step 1. Install and activate the plugin

The easiest way to install a plugin is through the WordPress Dashboard itself. Click the Plugins menu > Add New . Then, enter the keyword “All In One Schema Rich Snippets” and press enter.

When you find a screen like the one above, click the Install Now button and wait a few moments. If the display has changed as shown below, press the Activate button again .

A few moments later, the plugin successfully installed on your website. Then, you will be taken to the plugin Dashboard to make settings.

Step 2. Plugin settings

There are three settings options that can be done on All In One Schema Rich Snippets, namely the name of the data displayed, color display, and WooCommerce settings.

The first setting can be done in the Configuration tab . In this section, you can rename the items you want to display. There are nine types of schema that can be used, namely Review, Event, Services, Person, Product, Video, Articles, Recipe, and Software Application.

If your website uses Indonesian, it’s a good idea to replace “Summary” with a summary and so on. However, you can also skip this section of the settings.

The second setting is done in the Customization tab . This section lets you set the display color for the content summary that appears at the bottom of the post.

The third setting is the WooCommerce configuration. You can find the settings for this question on the right side of the plugin Dashboard.

If you are using WooCommerce, ignore the settings above. Putting a check mark in the settings actually creates two schemas for one content. For search engines, these conditions can be confusing.

Step 3. Configure post

Once the plugin is properly configured, you just need to add the schema in the desired post.

For that you need to go to the bottom of the post page. There is a Configure Rich Snippet section as below.

Fill in the fields according to the required data. Once published, you will find a summary box for the snippet that you created. Examples are as below.

To some people, this box looks disturbing and unaesthetic. If you want schema and rich snippets without the boxes above, you can install the premium version of All In One Schema Rich Snippets, namely Schema Pro .

Additional tips

Adding schema to content doesn’t necessarily get your job done. So that the schema can display attractive rich snippets, there are a few things about content that you need to pay attention to.

The tips below are taken from the Google for developers page .

  • Choose the type of schema that best fits the content created. If you are reviewing a book, then choose a special schema for the book. Likewise when you review a restaurant or movie.
  • If you make a review, make it clear that the content does contain reviews. Create an appropriate title and review in detail the item in question. Avoid too much product knowledge and a short review at the end of the post.
  • Provide information or review about specific things. Instead of reviewing 10 beauty products in one post, you better make one post dedicated to one product.
  • Write a special section for the 200-word snippet. This section summarizes the entire article and should invite internet users to visit your website.


Schema & Rich Snippets is an SEO component that is fairly simple, but cannot be ignored. In this article, we learned what the advantages of adding schema are and how to add them step by step. In addition, there are also tips to ensure that the schema created displays beautiful rich snippets.

That’s how to install rich snippets in WordPress. Hopefully this article can help you get more new visitors to the web. You can also tell us about your experience after implementing schema on the web. Are you getting any significant additional organic traffic? Tell me in the comments column below yes!

Thanks for reading !
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